Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hot Fun in the Summer Time at Eastern Market

The "Hawk" is hiding, spring done sprung and Fall is coming, but right now: the heat is on!

It is summer time at the Market and there is no better time to think about Christmas shopping before the crowds and that new look you want for your house garden yourself or the micro people (children) for the fall.

The glory of the almost tropical outside shopping experience that is the Arts and Craft festival on Saturdays and the historic Flea Market at Eastern Market on Sundays in the summer time.  I mean who needs a vacation in some exotic clime when you have the market every weekend.

 The star of this show is the 'real' fresh fruit and veg. that one can purchase from Knopp farmers and Greenhouse, Sunny Side Farm or other farmers and produce merchants under the farmers shed.

Sonda T. Allen

Witnessing ,

Turtle's Webb 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring has sprung ...and summer is coming at Eastern Market

Stop ...flower time! - at Eastern Market

                              Jefferson Greenhouse under the farmer's shed at Eastern Market

"Every time you come from April until Fall
From Cherry blossoms crazy until the Zinnias into fall
It's flower  time.

It's flowers made on hats
It's Flowers that are jewelry
It's Flour in the food
Stop...Flower time!

If you want flowers on your walls
We got flower painters ya'll
you can't touch them.
Stop ...Flower time!

It's flowers made on purses
It's flowers on hand made tables
It's flowers sold by merchants
It's flowers made by artists
It's flower time!

Why would we ever stop doing this
It's happy spring and summers almost here...

Our flowers are so hyped
It's clients here, customers there
and buy buy buy...
It's Flower time!"


cause flowers make us...Happy

photographer: Steven L. Miller at 
The historic Flea Market at Eastern Market 

Bernadette Mayo of  Bami products
at The Saturday Art's and 
Crafts Festival
wearing a hand painted 
T-shirt by Andrew Shelton


"It might seem crazy what I'm about to say 
but buying Flowers makes you happy anyway
Sunshine and fun awaits at The Art's and Crafts Festival 
on Saturdays and The historic Flea Market at Eastern Market  on Sundays

Come and buy Flowers 
cause your Happy
clap along and dance into each booth
an artist, farmer or merchant waits
just for you...
cause we are happy spring is finally here..."



Sonda T. Allen 

Turtle's Webb